3 Characteristics of Top Financial Advisors


When running a business, you want to know that your finances are being handled correctly. Financial advisors play a key role in ensuring your business is being managed right and investments are being made in the right areas. There is a long list of financial advisors who come under many headings, if you seek a specific type, find one that is the right match for you.

  1. Knowledge

A quality financial expert like Mark Lumsdon-Taylor and many others have many years’ experience in a variety of different environments. To become a financial director or advisor, you must gain experience and knowledge through a multitude of channels. All of the top financial experts are trusted to manage big money because they have proven themselves in different roles and they have the knowledge to adapt to all kinds of situations.

If you need a financial advisor or director, ask some of these questions:

  • Where did they educate themselves?
  • What certificates, degrees, & designations do they hold?
  • What is their niche market?

When hiring an expert, don’t be afraid to ask them several questions to learn more about their background.

  1. Detailed & Attentive

Aside from having all the right certificates and experience, you want someone who will listen your concerns and not dismiss them without any consideration. Although they may have a list of other clients, a good financial advisor will spend them going through your company to fully understand how you currently operate. Once they understand the system, they will pick it apart to create sustainable goals for the future. If you feel like you are being treated like just another number, it is best to seek help elsewhere.

  1. Big Picture

Top financial experts have the ability to see the big picture when no one else seems to get it. A first-class financial advisor will carefully analyse the business and decide on the right direction to follow. You want a financial advisor to fully understand your goals and objectives, setting out plans that focus on what is important to you as a business owner. An expert will also have excellent communication skills.

This article has mentioned just three things to look for in a financial advisor when seeking help for your business. A financial expert will be well-educated, have plenty of experience and be incredibly detailed when they approach a project. They will also have the ability to teach and communicate effectively with others.

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