5 Tips to Help Your Real Estate Agents Get More Clients


The real estate industry is a highly competitive industry as the top people here have a huge influence on the whole industry. Since large-scale companies and veterans of this filed acquire a big chunk of the market, it is difficult for a new agent to make a mark. Although like every other job or business this has its own challenges, making a career here is not impossible. To flourish a real estate business, it’s important to build connections. The broader network of clients you have, the better deals you can grab. However, this can’t happen overnight and hence, you have to be patient to get to that level.

If you are a consultant to a real estate agent, one of your primary responsibilities would be to help him gather more clients. For doing that, you have to make them understand that there is no shortcut to getting a trusted client base, and it takes a lot of hard work to achieve that. If you are thinking of sharing a few tips following which they can build a good impression and can manage to attract more clients, here is a list of 5 such tips for you –

  1. Building a database for the perfect start

At the start, real estate agents mostly work along with brokers because this is where they can get free data from. So ask them to look for companies who provide leads to their agents. After receiving the data, they should start using them, make some calls and if possible, visit some of the interested clients personally. This method will give them the exposure that they need early in the career. Also working through a broker means they are working with other agents, which will give them a chance to exchange data and get new clients. Along with that, they will gather valuable knowledge from the senior agents, which is invaluable.

Apart from this, there is something that they can do on their own. There are a lot of people who sell their house themselves to avoid paying the realtor commission, but this is a lengthy process. So if one can make a database of such clients and visit them, some of them will surely respond, especially if their house is not getting a lot of attention. If your client can get a deal through here, it will not only boost up their confidence but can also earn them a handsome commission.

  1. Gathering reviews from clients

Reviews and references play a key role in the growth of a real estate business. At the start, getting references are hard, so start with family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues of past jobs, etc. Now, as you close a deal ask that client to refer you and so on. This will help them create a network of trusted clients.

You must make the real estate agents understand that customer reviews are very important. Tell them that reviews help your real estate business grow to a significant extent. After closing a deal, they must ask the customers to share a review of their experience of working with the client. They can highlight these reviews on their website as well as their social media pages. Then these reviews can be further used for promotions and for letting other prospective clients know the kind of service they will get.

  1. Helping the buyers with taxes

Whether a person is looking to buy a house or want to sell it, it includes paying taxes. The tax structure for buying a house and selling one is completely different. Since buying a house is one of the biggest purchases that a person makes in his life, there are certain relieving tax benefits that one can enjoy. For example, a person can enjoy income tax relief if he is paying a home loan. To make the most out of it, it is better to take a joint loan in equal proportion. In case of selling a house, a person has to pay tax on the profit made from the property sale. But this is not a simple procedure; there are many by-laws, and it depends on a lot of factors. For instance, if you own a property for more than three years, the tax structure is different than what you have to follow if you own it for less than three years.

So as a realtor if they are well aware of all these government norms and regulations, they will be able to help the home buyer save on their taxes. It will give them an edge over their competitors and will become a distinct characteristic of their service.

  1. Focusing on online presence – Website & Social Media

A website is a powerful weapon to have in this line of business, so start with a very basic website without spending a lot of money. Besides, with plenty of ready-to-use templates available these days, it’s very easy to create a website. The website should include all the basic information about the service providers, the type of clients they serve and also the area where they operate. You can also suggest them to share blogs on topics and issues that are relevant to the industry. Also, ask them to make a section for customer review where the clients can share their experience.

Besides focusing on the website, it’s important to create a presence on the social media platforms. Remember being active in the social media keeps you in the minds of potential clients. If your client is not sure about how essential it is to build a robust online presence, this can be a suggestive read for them.

  1. Following the right strategies for advertisement

As a real estate agent, the easiest way to get more clients is to focus on advertising, of which television ads and hoardings are some of the popular ways. Apart from these, different events can be created to promote the business. You can suggest the real estate agent to invite the leaders of the sector to a particular event, along with some potential and previous clients so that they can interact with the top professionals. These kinds of events will help them build a strong relationship with important people which will help make the job smoother. They can also consider distributing business cards and brochures to increase the clientele and arranging interactive sessions with the clients. To get a better idea regarding advertising, consider taking a look at this.

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