Beginners Guide To Web Designing


Are you interested in learning how to design a web? Here are essential guides by Comrade Digital Marketing Agency to designing a web that you should know.

Bet On Darker Layouts

The year 2019 has already shown us that more thought has been given to interfaces with dark colors, in which practically the traditional white of the backgrounds is replaced by black and dark gray.

When the proposal was presented on a larger scale, the first significant impact was the update to iOS 13, Apple’s cell phone operating system. The dark appearance became a possibility for customization in the screen configuration options. The traditional white is automatically switched in a change that only changes the background.

For 2020, the trend is that dark layouts will reach many websites since it is a configuration focused on UX parameters. The main motivations are twofold: first, the dark layout helps highlight and enhance colorful elements. In addition, the dark theme emits less light from the screens, which is less aggressive to the user’s eyes.

The idea by las vegas seo services for example is to propose selecting the dark website version and leaving it up to the user. Among other benefits, this layout version saves device energy and favors the resolution of visual elements on OLED screens.

Use Immersive 3D Elements

3D technology is nothing new, but it does not stop surprising and mainly attracts attention. Application in website design has been increasingly common and not limited to product interaction. Big brands have been using this feature, helping to explore items in all their detail and generating engagement.

Today, due to the understanding of the potential of this technology, developers have even used 3D modeling to explore information and sections within websites. It’s a way to make room for interactive options since they can capture attention, increase dwell time, and generate conversions following the flow.

The reasons why 3D is a vital feature for 2020 are already justified here when we talk about how interesting it is. However, there is more behind it. The cost of developing this technology has decreased significantly recently, which is why more and more brands have adopted it in their web design projects.

Prioritize Page Scrolling Over Clicking

In 2020, pages will have fewer and fewer clicks. The idea behind this is simple: to make the browsing experience on a page much more fluid and with less small pauses needed to click. The idea is that all content is in a serial interface as if it were a sizeable digital parchment, in which it is unnecessary to carry out complex commands.

For this, scrolling is the only command necessary for all this content to be accessed in a practical, comfortable, and much more accessible way. The trend is that, with this navigation scheme, there is less propensity for users not to go beyond the first fold.

Naturally, CTAs positioned in the footer or following pages tend to receive a higher click-through rate, positively impacting conversions. Scrolling instead of clicking generally makes everything simpler, easier and more fluid.

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