Ceramic Watches: Most Stylish Models for Women


Ceramic ladies watches are beautiful and long lasting. They are some of the most popular watch styles for women today. But are they worth it? What is all the hype? Are they too good to be true? Most people find ceramic watches appealing but are not sure whether to get one or not. The most common concerns: Are ceramic watches durable? Do ceramic watches scratch? Are ceramic watches better than let’s say stainless steel or rubber timepieces? Do ceramic watches break easily?

If you’re interested in acquiring a ceramic timepiece for yourself and are looking for the best options available or have concerns similar to the above, find the answers in this ceramic ladies watches review and information page. Plus see some of the best ceramic watches for women including black, white and ones set with diamonds.

What Are Ceramic Watches Made Of?

When you hear or read the word `ceramic’, what comes to mind are the everyday earthenware ceramics such as bricks, pots and tiles. And this association is what raises all the doubts about the quality and durability of ceramic timepieces. The ceramic used in watches is not the same. Ceramic watches are made out of engineering ceramic carbide. This is a synthetic, high-tech ceramic made from other pure synthetic materials- zirconium oxide through scientific processes involving heating and cooling to achieve the desired durability and other characteristics.

Properties of Ceramic Watches

The Good

Hard and Strong- Engineering ceramics are extremely hard and strong. Harder than stainless steel. They are used not just in watches but also in engineering, space and aeronautics.

Scratch Resistant- Being hard and strong, they are extremely hard to scratch. Only diamonds can scratch it. Metal watches with ceramic bezels combine the toughness of metal and the scratch resistance of ceramic to make extremely durable watches. According to Rolex, ceramic is nearly indestructible.

Extremely Durable- They wear out well, being hard, strong and scratch resistant.

Light Weight- Lighter than stainless steel. Similar to aluminium in lightness. This makes timepieces comfortable to wear.

Non Reactive- Ceramic is inert and this makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.

Hypoallergenic: Another benefit from the inactive nature of ceramics is that they are hypoallergenic and perfect for people with sensitive skin who get allergic reactions from wearing metal watches.

No Staining- Ceramic does not stain. It is very easy to clean if it gets dirty. Just use a clean and damp soft cloth and a non abrasive cleaner to wipe. This is why white ceramic ladies watches are so popular. It is easy to maintain the crisp white and keep the watch looking pristine as long as you have it.

Not Affected by Temperature- Ceramic watches won’t overheat or feel too cold to the skin. They feel cool to the skin and offer a comfortable fit.

The Bad

Ceramic is extremely hard, strong and durable but it is not bulletproof. It has one weakness: it is not tough and it breaks easily upon hard impacts. If you bang your ceramic watch or drop it on metal or concrete, it may chip, crack, break or shatter completely.


If you’ve been admiring and thinking about ceramic ladies watches but weren’t sure whether they were worth it, go ahead and get a beautiful one of your choice. They are durable, scratch resistance and provided you protect them from impacts, you will have them for a long time.

Why Are Ceramic Watches So Expensive?

Solid ceramic does not come cheap. It is more expensive than stainless steel and titanium but not as costly as gold and other precious metals. The reason is that the process of making high-tech ceramics is expensive and requires pure materials. The good thing is that with all the above good qualities, it is a good investment and quite a bargain in the long run.

There are inexpensive IP coated ceramic watches. For example, black or gunmetal IP coated stainless-steel watches are very popular and they look good. But the coating will eventually wear off and can be scratched. Solid ceramic ladies watches don’t get scratches or wear out. Solid ceramic is the best. Though you may have to pay a premium, it is worth it in the long run as you take home a timeless classic.

Are Ceramic Watches Worth It?

The ceramic watch trend is not just a fad. Ceramic ladies watches are timeless as demonstrated by the ever popular white Chanel J12. Even top brands such as Rolex, Omega, IWC and Fossil watches among others are utilizing this material. They are fashionable. Black and white ceramic watches, with a matte or glossy look, are very eye catching and will get you compliments. Ceramic watches are gorgeous, high quality and extremely durable and resilient. They are easy to keep clean and keep looking good, plus they get lots of positive reviews from owners. As long as you keep them away from hard impacts, you will have them for years.

Wrapping Up

After exploring this ceramic resource, we hope you’ve found your perfect ceramic watch choice, found answers to your questions and made a decision on whether ceramic watches are worth investing for you. I can assure you that provided you purchase a quality timepiece (quality solid ceramic is expensive) and refrain from exposing it to hard impacts- knocks and drops-, you will be happy with your purchase for years to come.

If you just want a stylish ceramic looking but affordable timepiece for fashion, you will also enjoy it for sometime before the coating wears off!

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