Excellent Flexible Systems To Partition Your Office Space


There is now an intelligent solution to the problem of how you maintain flexibility while dividing your office floorplan to best suit your business needs, manufactured in several different materials with options to suit any budget; the answer is a partitioning system. There can be many reasons for needing to re-organise the workspace, from the demands of covid to increases in staff numbers. Partitioning systems are easily installed quickly and can be finished in various options, enhancing office aesthetics. I want to use this short article to give you some information you may not know and set you off on your journey to getting a partitioning system.

What Are My Options

You can tailor the partitions to meet whatever challenge you are facing in the ever-changing business world; the different types of office partition are as follows –

  • Glass partitions – increasingly popular, they can transform an office allowing the benefits of natural light to spread through the space. With single glazed and double-glazed options, it is possible to upgrade them with internal blinds or curtains.
  • Drywall partitions – Uses an aluminium framework and plasterboard layered panels with excellent acoustic properties.
  • Demountable partitions are moveable partitions that can be moved with a minimum of fuss. Allowing flexibility to the user, they are also tax-deductible in some cases.
  • Fire Rated Partitions – designed with increased fire protection properties, they can be used to protect specific areas such as storerooms or fire evacuation routes.
  • Sliding Partitions – can be used in larger rooms to divide them up quickly and efficiently when the situation demands.

A partition system can also be a good investment which if you must relocate premises can be easily disassembled and moved to the new workplace.

How To Start Looking?

It can be confusing looking for a new supplier of a product you have not brought before, and a good starting point would be an internet search for any local suppliers. Using your preferred search engine type in demountable partitions, Gloucester, or something similar should provide you with a long list of installation specialists. Take some time to look at their websites and products, making some notes as you go. You could also cross-reference the suppliers you are leaning towards using consumer websites such as Trustpilot to see how well they are rated. Establish a list of your preferred installers, and you are all set to make contact and start talking about your options and costs; most good suppliers will offer an end-to-end service taking you through design, installation, and aftercare. It is always best practice to obtain plenty of quotations and expenses for the work involved, although often the lowest price may not always be the best choice.

Think About Other Areas

If you are re-organising or refurbishing, you could also focus on other office areas; the décor, furniture, or added planting are easily upgraded for sometimes minimal cost. Improving these parts of the workplace has been linked to a potential increase in staff well-being and, in turn, productivity, give it some thought.

So, there it is, a brief introduction to partitioning systems; I hope it has given you some good ideas about solving the problems thrown at you by an evolving world to move your business forward.

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