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Get Cash for Recycling Your Scrap Metal

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If you find yourself sitting on piles of scrap metal or some unwanted vehicles, it’s important that you handle these things responsibly, and you can even make some money by doing so.

Rather than send your waste to the landfill, you can have your scrap metal and any old vehicles broken down and recycled as much as possible. Recycling facilities also do their best to make the process as simple and convenient for you, as well.

What Kind of Metal?

Scrap metal recyclers accept all sorts of metal types including scrap steel, copper, aluminium, and bronze, among others. When it comes to metal recycling in Marylebone, you can even sell entire scrap vehicles that you don’t want to keep around any longer. Your recyclers will break the vehicles down, salvage what they can, and recycle the rest.

Collection and Convenience

You may have large piles of scrap metal, but no way to get it to the recycling facility, which is why your recyclers make things easy for you.

When you are ready to get rid of your car or your metal, simply contact your recyclers, and they can come to you and collect the metal with their vehicles, often free of charge. Most importantly, they will come with the money to pay you and take care of the entire transaction in one visit. In addition to the cash and the convenience, you have the comfort of knowing that your metal is being handled responsibly.

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