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Great Opportunities With the Sash Windows Now

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A sash window has many advantages. This saves you a lot of space because no doors or windows need to be opened. Discover more benefits of sash windows, find price information and read the savings tips. It is probably the first question that comes to mind, what do I pay for sash windows? Logically, a sash window is usually more expensive than a standard window.

What do sash windows cost?

This is due to the hinges and locks of the window and the sash function. The fixing method of a sash window is a lot more complicated than that of a standard window. To give you an indication of the price of your future sash window, we have made the following diagram. As you try the traditional sash windows in london you will be having the best experiences with them.

The advantages

Are you not yet fully convinced of the advantages of sash windows? We have listed the main 4 benefits for you. Probably the mention of this advantage is unnecessary, but we still like to mention it. By removing the wall and placing the sash window, a lot more light comes in. This increases the living pleasure. Another important advantage of a sash window is the fact that the wings slide past each other. This means that the windows do not have to be opened and doors are often unnecessary. This creates more space in the home, which increases the living value. The larger the window the more you are in contact with the outside world. You thus bring in, as it were, outside. Sash windows are available in multiple shapes and sizes. This means you always find the sash window that fits your home. Below you can read more information about the types of sash windows.

Vertical vs horizontal sash window

Before you choose the material of the sash window, you determine the direction in which the windows move past each other. Usually one opts for vertical sash windows when it comes to a smaller house. Horizontal sash windows take up more space. This makes the vertical variant usually a lot cheaper. Vertical sash windows also have a different function than horizontal sash windows. This way a horizontal sash window functions as a passage to the front or back garden or another room in the house. Vertical sash windows serve mainly as a replacement for the ‘normal’ window. Another advantage of horizontal sash windows that outweighs the higher price is the improvement of the view. PVC sash windows are generally a lot cheaper than sash windows made of wood or aluminum. In addition to the lower price for PVC sash windows, they are known for their long life. The structure of PVC ensures a high insulation value and is windproof.

Aluminum sash windows

Aluminum sash windows are known for their modern design. Usually, aluminum sash windows are therefore installed in somewhat more minimalist and tighter homes. Aluminum is as good as unbreakable and very light. That makes this type of sash window easy to place and sturdy. Aluminum sash windows are not discolored by sun, they are rustproof and like PVC sash windows they insulate well.

Wooden sash windows

Where aluminum sash windows are usually the most suitable for a modern house, a wooden sash window fits perfectly with a traditional and classic house. Wooden sash windows are usually more expensive than PVC or aluminum sash windows. On the other hand, there are many advantages. All you will experience the best with the traditional sash windows in London.

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