How Can You Hire An Accountant Effectively?


Whatever the state of your company, it might be challenging to operate without the assistance of a financier. You must abide by your legal, social, and financial commitments. So what can you do to hire an accountant such as Lewis CPA for example successfully? Find all the instructions you need to finish this mission in this guide!

What Are The Advantages Of Employing An Accountant?

Every day, keeping accounts is a great challenge and it help Reduce Tax Liability for a Small Business. When you don’t know about it, you can easily make mistakes. The result? We end up with a financial statement riddled with errors. Although some software can facilitate the calculations, they have some significant limitations. Indeed, it is essential to master the regulations and standards to perform all accounting tasks perfectly. On the one hand, recruiting an accountant is inevitable to ensure the company’s proper functioning. Indeed, this professional is responsible for a wide variety of missions, including:

  • permanent cash monitoring;
  • productivity optimization;
  • cost control;
  • payroll management;
  • completion of mandatory declarations.

Using a consultant, the entrepreneur will be obliged to pay hourly fees. With an hourly rate of between €60 and €90, just for bookkeeping, for example, a chartered accountant is expensive for the company.

Recruitment Of An Accountant: How To Attract Interesting Profiles?

You must keep in mind that the execution of accounting tasks is a complex mission. It requires not only know-how but also an investment of time. It is not uncommon for an accountant to spend many overtime hours in the office to complete a financial statement. Faced with the constraints of his function, an accountant expects to receive a more motivating salary.

Giving your accountant a better working environment, in addition to financial considerations, is crucial. This idea unquestionably serves as a motivating factor. Be mindful that offering benefits increases your likelihood of receiving more applications. As a result, you have more options when choosing an accountant.

What is the process for hiring an accountant?

Recruiting an accountant can be a long process. In general, it is essential to go through several stages before finding a good profile:

Writing The Job Offer

To avoid being confronted with poor recruitment, everything starts with developing a job offer. For this step, it’s important to follow several fundamental guidelines, including the accuracy of the job title. It is crucial to utilize a traditional phrase to remove all uncertainty. You run the risk of confusing your readers by using a unique title. The job profile is highlighted in the second phase. This concept is crucial since an accountant must possess many skills. Some professionals are generalists, while others have specialized internal control or audit training.

The publication of the announcement

To facilitate the recruitment of an accountant, it is advisable to publish your advertisement in a wide choice of media, in particular:

  • The company’s notice board
  • The local newspaper
  • Social networks

You can also take advantage of one-off events such as trade shows, conferences, or forums to recruit an accountant

The Job Interview

The selection of candidate files can take time. Indeed, you must scrutinize all the CVs one by one to discover the profile of the job seekers. Apart from the qualifications, it should be noted that the qualities and character traits of the candidates also represent a significant asset. These points can make a difference during a job interview. During this last step, it is necessary to formulate questions that allow you to learn more about:

  • The working method of the preselected candidate
  • His ability to cope with pressure
  • See qualifications
  • Her personality

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