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How Important is High School Education for a Career?

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When we start with the early learning program, we develop under guidance and learn the social rules of school, then in the primary section we get to grips with the basic of academic learning, which prepares us for middle school. Following a structured curriculum, we then move into high school and this is where we really find out where our interests lie.

Choosing a career path

When you are studying at an international school in Bangkok, you spend at least 3-4 periods per week on careers, indeed, such a school would have resident career guidance teachers whose job it is to help students select the best career path. Whatever you choose, it should be something that you are interested in; wanting to become a doctor should come from within and not parental advice. High school is the time to explore your potential and try new things and with the right support, you should be able to create a shortlist of interesting careers. This is a time to evaluate yourself and with the help of the school staff, you can formulate a plan and work towards gaining the required grades in specific subjects.

Academic excellence

There was a time when academic excellence wasn’t everything, but with so much competition, students need to strive for a high GPA in all subjects. Hopefully, your parents enrolled you in a school with a good history of academic achievement and it matters not what you want to be, you will need good grades. BASIS schools offer a comprehensive education that equips students for today’s world and with top marks, you can choose the university to get your BA. In the event you are finding it difficult to keep up with any subject, you need some extra tuition in a one-on-one environment, which should bring you up to standard.

Reaching your full potential

Sadly, not every student manages to fulfil their fullest potential, which might be due to lack of direction, sub-standard education or a lack of motivation. Take the core subjects as an example, math and the sciences are extremely complex and demand a recognized curriculum delivered by experienced professional teachers who know how to bring out the best in their students.

If your son or daughter is ready for high school and you are looking for the best possible learning institution, consider an international school with a solid record of academic achievement, which will give your child a great start, as they strive for a challenging career.

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