How to Check & Withdraw PPF Account Balance Online?


A Public Provident Fund (PPF) scheme is a tax-efficient savings avenue that allows tax benefits on the amount invested, interest earned, and the maturity proceeds. Moreover, PPF is a fixed-income instrument that is immune to market volatility and has a fixed interest rate. Given these benefits, PPF is popular among investors. Almost every individual invests in the PPF scheme in their name. You can easily calculate the PPF benefits with the help of a PPF calculator. The PPF maturity calculator and the PPF return calculator help one make an informed decision about savings.

Checking the Balance in the PPF Account

PPF is a long-term saving scheme that runs for 15 years. During this tenure, you must invest in the PPF account every financial year to keep the account active during this period. You can even monitor the PPF account regularly and check its balance. You can check the balance in the PPF account using these two modes –

  • Offline

You can visit your bank or post-office branch and check your balance in the PPF account offline. You are issued a passbook for the PPF account. By getting the passbook updated, you can check the balance.

  • Online

The online mode provides an easier alternative to check the PPF account’s balance. You should be subscribed to the bank’s net banking facility to check the balance in the PPF account online. You can log into your online account, select the PPF account, and check its balance.

Withdrawal from the PPF Account

Though the PPF account has a tenure of 15 years, it allows partial withdrawals. Partial withdrawals are allowed after six years of opening the account. One withdrawal is allowed in one financial year. The maximum amount you can withdraw is 50% of the account balance at the end of the fourth year. You also have the option to withdraw the amount entirely and close the PPF account prematurely if you want.

Steps for Online PPF Withdrawal

The facility of online withdrawals from the PPF account is allowed by banks through their net banking facilities. Here is the process for such withdrawal-

  1. Log into the net banking facility offered by your bank where you have opened the PPF account.
  2. In your account, choose the PPF account.
  3. Opt for online withdrawal.
  4. Fill up Form C stating the amount that you are withdrawing.
  5. Submit the filled form online.
  6. Once the bank processes the form, the withdrawn amount would be credited to your savings account.

Post offices, however, do not allow online withdrawals. If you have opened the PPF account with the post-office, you would have to withdraw it offline by visiting the post-office from which you opened the account.

Checking PPF Returns

To check the returns you can earn from your PPF investments, use CRED’s PPF calculator. CRED offers a PPF return calculator that calculates the expected returns on your investment. You can also find the total maturity amount using CRED’s PPF maturity calculator. It calculates the interest and then adds it to the investment amount to generate the maturity benefit.


Thus, you can check the PPF account’s balance online and withdraw from your investment, if needed. To know the expected returns from PPF, use CRED’s PPF calculator and find out the corpus that you can create.

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