Important Instagram statistics you should know in 2020.


You should not just be thinking of growing your Instagram followers or even just buy new followers in 2020. There are many things you will need to do so in addition to that if you want to be social active and make more money on Instagram in 2020.  You should be able to note that you could do tons of things to be able to grow your Instagram account in 2020. This year Instagram will be ten years old. The networking social application over the past ten years has been able to come up with tons of improvements. It has even become easy for people today to buy real active Instagram followers.  Not to also mention that it has been purchased by Facebook, something that has increased its popularity in 2020. One of the things to pay attention to in Instagram today is its statistics.  When you understand the latter, it will be much easier for you to come up with an excellent Instagram strategy to grow your account.

The first Instagram statistic that you will need to understand is the one related to age and gender. Understandably different age groups use Instagram compared to Face book, Twitter, and other social media sites. Instagram social media platform is popular with the younger generation. Therefore, when you are making your videos and content, it will be important for you to make one that sync well with that age group. Statistica company approximates that most of the Instagram users in the United States are of the 34 years of age and below. Therefore, you should make the type of content that will appeal to them.

The second Instagram statistic you need to know is related to geography. You should know that Instagram has been around for a decade, and some countries have a larger population using the social media platform compared to others. The United States has the largest Instagram population users of 116 million. This is followed by India that stands at 72 million.  Other countries are now starting to use Instagram for business.  That is why buy Instagram followers for business has become popular. there is a greater possibility that companies can use this platform to market their commodities on an international basis.

Another thing to understand is the frequency in which Instagram will be used. Understandably, out of 10 Instagram users, 6 of them will log in this social media platform daily. The latter statistic puts it as the second most used social media site daily. That is expected as Face book acquired Instagram recently. In terms of time, Instagram users spend 53 minutes per day on the social media platform. Therefore, if you are going to use Instagram and Face book to market your products, you should expect to get a higher return on investment.

In conclusion, Instagram has become one of the popular social media platforms to use in 2020.  Many people have projected that the site will become the most popularly used one in 2023 in America and other parts of the globe.

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