Is Pet Insurance Expensive?


Many pet owners wonder if pet insurance is expensive. What is expensive is not insuring your pet. If your pet swallows a golf ball or is hit by a car, you may not be able to save him or her. That is why you cannot afford to go without this cover.

Pet Insurance Discounts: One You Need to Note

In fact, you can receive a discount on pet insurance if you have more than one pet. The more pets you have, the better. A quality pet insurer offers an incremental discount of 5% for each extra pet that you need to insure. This discount extends to 15%. Therefore, you can insure a second pet for a 5% discount, a third pet for a 10% discount, and four or more pets for a 15% discount. Therefore, you really do not have any excuse not to buy pet insurance for your pets.

You just need to go online and review the pet insurance quotes offered by various companies. Make sure that when you do this, you carefully look at what you will be receiving for your money. For example, review all the services that are offered under a particular plan. Whilst some pet insurance policies are lower in cost, they do not offer the same services as a plan that is slightly higher in cost.

Take an assessment of your dog’s or cat’s current and future health care needs. For example, some breeds of dogs are more inclined to suffer from hip dysplasia as they age. Other dogs, such as golden retrievers, often suffer from cancer. Does the plan you are considering offer financial assistance along these lines?

What Is Your Pet’s Current and Possible Future Health Needs?

When selecting a plan and comparing quotes, you have to consider your pet’s current health and any possible health problems that may develop. Whilst some dogs and cats are hardy, they still may suffer certain maladies when they get older. Also, think about your pet’s temperament and level of activity. Some dogs or cats are more likely than others to wander or get struck by a car.

Once you have considered your pet’s health or medical needs, you can make an easier decision about an insurance plan. Most insurance companies that feature pet insurance cover offer three basic types of cover. These covers include accident insurance, comprehensive cover, and major medical insurance. If you want to ensure your pet’s total care, it is best to compare quotes for major medical insurance. This type of insurance includes routine medical care and therefore is the most popular plan.

Even if you can only afford accident cover now, something is better than nothing. However, to play it extra safe, it is still best to choose major medical. Find out what you can sacrifice financially so you can afford the policy. It will be well worth it. For example, plans even cover emergency boarding up to $20 per day. This is a nice way to reduce costs if your pet is hospitalised for over five days. When you review the services, you will be convinced that pet insurance is indeed a worthwhile expense.



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