Learn About Few Equipment Used in The Forestry Business


Forestry operation is very labour-intensive business where there are many safety issues to be considered. Therefore, nowadays many companies have come up with various ranges of equipment used in such operation. In this write up, we shall briefly mention about few of them.

  1. Logging machines

In forestry business, various kinds of logging machines and tracteur forestier are used in order to move trees and logs from the forest area to roadside so that they can be transported further.

  1. Forwarder

These are also meant for carrying smaller sizes of logs from the forest area to roadside for further transportation. In order to load the logs, the operator uses another loader heel boom grapple and then the forwarder carries it further. The forwarder can also load the logs on the truck.

  1. Harvester processor

This equipment is meant for helping to cut smaller trees and logs in a controlled manner. The operation can be automated by using computer control system. It is also possible to park the equipment in the sloppy ground.

  1. Feller-Buncher

This equipment also can work on steep slopes for controlling the tree falling, cutting by deciding proper directions.

  1. Wheeled feller-buncher

The purpose is the same however it also has wheels in addition and capable of working on gentler slopes.

  1. Small wheel feller-buncher

Another small sized feller-buncher which is meant for thinning operation to be carried out at gentle terrain.

  1. Mulcher or Masticator

This is a small tracked machine having an attachment for mulching, which is meant for grinding thick forest limbs, understory brush, and tops of tree into any woody mulch.  This can help in reducing the fire hazard, improve habitat too. You can get this equipment in many different sizes and configurations, wheeled or boom/front mounted etc.

  1. Roadside brush cutter

This is a mobile machine that is meant for clearing the brush. It is also available both wheeled as well as boom mounted and can be moved to roadside in order to cut vegetation and limbs.

  1. Shovel logger

This machine is also meant for picking, swinging and picking up of logs. The operation becomes much easier by using this machine in the forest environment.

  1. Skidder

This is a wheeled puller of logs that can grab the whole tree or logs from the ground then takes it to roadside.

  1. Brush piling shovel

It is meant for picking up, moving and placing excess amount of logging debris.

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