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Today we will look at some of the most interesting services of the brokerage company Larson&Holz – providing full access to the option of CFD contracts, and market execution of orders with Market Execution. Immediately note that, despite the popularity of CFD service, each broker providing this service sets its own rules for working with this tool. What is a CFD contract, and why this service is interesting to the broker Larson&Holz. CFD contract is a contract that is made by making a profit from the difference between the price of opening a certain asset and its closing price. There are CFD currency contracts. But the bulk of contracts are accounted for by stock markets, where contracts are made on shares, and other assets of stock exchanges. What does Larson&Holz offer to its customers. First, the company guarantees a high speed of execution of the contract, starting with the purchase, and ending with the sale. But interestingly, based on a conversation with the technical support of Larson&Holz, it becomes clear that the speed of execution of contracts is guaranteed even if the asset is not liquid enough. In fact, the option is standard and does not require much knowledge. Moreover, on the official website of the brokerage company Larson&Holz, you can find detailed information on the subject of CFD contracts. If there are problems with the oral material, namely, not all clients understand what it is and how the service works, you can find educational materials on this site on the company’s website. It can even be video lectures.

The next service, unique in our opinion, is market execution. On the one hand, every broker guarantees market execution. But only in the standard version. Let’s see what Larson&Holz offers us. Let’s start with the program itself. How does it differ from other types of market execution of trading orders. A few words that there are trading systems that require lightning execution of orders. In this regard, there are two types. This is the execution of orders by the type of Market Execution. And the second type of execution is Instant Execution. The second type, by the way, is as close as possible to the standard variation. The company Larson&Holz introduced the first type of performance. After all, for many traders, the question of the speed of opening and closing trading orders is topical. The main advantage of Market Execution is the high speed of execution of the trade warrant. The program is gradually being introduced by other brokers. Customers demand this. The company adapted the program, and as a result, its benefits can be used by all customers without exception. The essence of the program is that a broker can hedge his client’s transaction on the open market in a timely manner without loss of time and profit. Program of the second type does not allow this. Another important fact. Traders know perfectly well what can happen when opening an order in a volatile market, and with high liquidity. Yes, these are slippage, since the standard order execution program does not imply an instant opening or closing. And what is possible on Instant is excluded on the Market. The next difference between the execution types is that the program Larson&Holz guarantees in accordance with the order opening program, the price of the asset upon opening, not the price after processing and the requotes. Maybe someone does not pay much attention to this fact, but the price after processing can change a lot, and not toward the client. And this threatens the loss of profits. As for the spread. The company Larson&Holz set the spread values below the average. This is a kind of commission. For trading with zero spread, there are special trading plans. Consider some other differences between the two programs. Let’s say that the price for the time the order is processed goes against the trader. According to the ME program, the order will be executed at the price before the order is processed. According to the program IE in the opening of the order will be denied due to the appearance of requotes. With high volatility, the ME program guarantees the opening of the order at the best price. As for IE, high volatility can lead to a protracted processing of the order. In this case, the broker does not guarantee a favorable price. What is the interest of the broker Larson&Holz. In the same spread value. Naturally, a trader loses part of the profit, and the broker earns this profit. But reducing the spread to 0.1 points, this is really a step towards the client. And this must be understood.

Well, what will be interesting to customers of Larson&Holz. Every year the company holds a congress dedicated to the topic of financial transactions. This is in some way a congress in which the head of the company Larson&Holz will talk about the company’s work. Also, a list of new programs is being developed. The participants of the congress can discuss the main points of future programs, as well as express their ideas on program optimization. But that’s not all. Leading managers of the company will talk about promising trading instruments. Specifically for investors, the efficiency rating of one or another financial instrument will be presented. The rating of the most attractive assets is compiled according to Larson&Holz. The main topics of the congress are a discussion of the list of reserve currencies. After all, we know what it means for traders. Also, prospects and changes in relation to the leading currency will be considered. But what is most interesting, customers of the company can communicate with each other, and share experiences. And even ask a question to the management of LH-Crypto. The conclusion is one, the company does not hide behind the screen of suspense, and actively works with its customers.

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