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Shipping plays a crucial part in any business. When you have to send your consignments you way different shipping options and pick the one that would work best for your needs. The option needs to be an affordable one. There are multiple shipping options that you can choose from. LTL shipping is the ideal way to transport small consignments or when you don’t want to rent the whole trailer for transporting your goods. We are here to tell you about this revolutionary way of shipping.

What is LTL Shipping?

LTL shipping is the perfect way for transporting smaller shipments. With Less than Truckload or LTL, you don’t need to fill the whole trailer up. You only pay for the space which is occupied by your freight. The remaining space is paid for by other shippers for their freight. You should opt for this type of shipping when your consignment weighs between 150 to 30,000 pounds.

Is it an expensive shipping option?

As compared to FTL, LTL is a more affordable shipping option as you would only be paying for the space that is taken up your consignment. Various factors play a major role in the calculation of shipping costs. It includes the distance between the pickup and delivery location, the longer the distance the more costly it would be. The weight and the dimensions of the consignment help to determine its freight class and the cost for shipping is dependent on it. If you are planning to opt for expedited shipping, then it will add to the shipping rates.

Are there any limitations to freight size?

Before any LTL shipment, the dimensions of the shipment need to be shared as it helps to determine whether it will qualify for LTL freight transportation or not. There are limitations to the size of the cargo. The consignment should not be wider than 8’6” and higher than 13’6”. Otherwise, the consignment would be considered to be oversized and would require special equipment for it to be transported. The LTL shipments are to be a specific size because the unusual dimensions might not always fit. Ensure that the freight has been measured properly and also know the correct size of the pallet that you would be needed for your shipment. If you are unsure, then the shipping company would be able to help you with it.

What is the benefit of LTL shipping?

As stated earlier, LTL shipping is a cost-effective option of shipping. Usually, you would have to pay for the entire truck to transport your goods, irrespective of whether you make use of all that space or not. This way you can save money by only paying for the part of the truck that your goods would be occupying. To make transportation easier, the goods are placed in crates or pallets. This helps to ensure that your shipment remains safe while it is in transit. As multiple businesses would be sharing the same truck, it becomes a more environmentally friendly option.

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