Online Entertainment has as Much Potential as Ever


While online entertainment has been around for quite a while, the industry is constantly looking for new ways to provide the content that people want. Making new content and new ways of accessing it are major drivers of a portion of the online economy. There is an interest in increasing connectivity for more people, and this will only expand entertainment markets in the near and long term. Here are some potential areas for growth in the online entertainment industry in the future.

Continuing Growth in Online Sports

Bill Asher serves as the co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment and is the CEO of Monkey Knife Fight, a newcomer in the fantasy sports world. Monkey Knife Fight is actively seeking a broader market share. While fantasy sports have been around for a long time, continued growth and new emerging providers show that this form of entertainment isn’t going anywhere.

Online gaming has seen regulatory changes and challenges over time but continues to make forward progress. This progress involves no small expense, but the efforts to create a favorable environment for these venues is ongoing. This fight moves forward because of evidence of strong demand, and where there is demand, supply will follow. As long as there is interest the industry will keep working toward larger markets.

More Connectivity Will Bring More Customers

While the online economy has been flourishing for decades, there are still large geographic areas both within and outside of the United States with little or no internet connectivity. Many people can get online when needed, but don’t have a consistent broadband internet connection. This makes accessing online entertainment inconvenient.

With government agencies and private enterprises focusing on improving access to broadband connections, more people will find a new world of entertainment options at their fingertips. This means there is an expanding market just waiting for the infrastructure to be in place. An increasing number of online consumers certainly bodes well for the future of online entertainment avenues.

Streaming is Popular, and Still Growing

Streaming services are a regular part of many households now. This segment of online entertainment has seen rapid adoption over the past several years and is now the main source of music and video entertainment in many households.

While there are a few big names, this segment of the market is still choosing winners and losers. New streaming services regularly become available, and jousting for the top spots is very competitive. The big winners in this field might not have even emerged yet. The next big name in streaming might still be on the horizon.

The online entertainment industry has been growing and changing since the internet first became publicly available. With growth continuing and new directions emerging, it doesn’t look like there will be any stopping it anytime soon. Fantasy sports, gaming and streaming are three popular forms in the field, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. Online entertainment might seem like a crowded field, but there still seems to be almost limitless room for growth. And the next new thing might still be just around the corner.

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