Questions To Ask A Security Guarding Firm Before Hiring Them


Many businesses commonly outsource security for their firm, and many options are available depending on the type of security you require. You need to trust the security company running your company security implicitly to ensure they do their job as they are supposed to. Before hiring a security guarding firm for your business, you must research the various companies and prepare many questions to ask them. Below are some questions you can include when you contact them that can help ensure you select the best company for the job.

Is Your Company Registered?

Whether you need a security company in Middlesbrough or anywhere else in the country, you will want to ensure the company you use is fully registered. You will want the company you choose to work with to comply with all government regulations within their industry and ensure they do their jobs to the highest standard.

How Do You Incorporate Technology With Manned Guarding?

Utilising the latest technology can help many businesses, including security, and you will want to ask what technology the company employs to help them do their jobs better. You can ask how they integrate the technology, how this assists with the role, and if it can improve efficiency.

What Experience Do You Have In Working With Similar Clients?

It is also worthwhile to find out if the security companies you are talking to have experience dealing with companies similar to yours. Although it is not essential, when a company has the experience, it can help reassure you that they understand the needs of your industry and can do an excellent job for your company.

What Licenses, Certificates, & Qualifications Do Your Employees Hold?

You will also want to ask the companies about the qualifications of the people they employ and find out how experienced they are. You will want to hire a firm with plenty of experienced security guards who know what they are doing and take their roles seriously. The company you use must also have the appropriate license; you can click here to learn more about this.

What Happens In An Emergency?

You will want to ask each company to go through what would happen during a hypothetical emergency and how their security guards will cope with the situation. You can ask about the companies’ protocols and what steps they take to manage a crisis when it unfolds.

How Do You Monitor Your Security Guards?

You will also want to ask the companies about how they monitor their guards to ensure they are doing their duties correctly, and many of them will employ the latest technology. Some have a control room where they constantly communicate with the security guards and follow their movements using GPS tracking.

How Do You Train Your Guards?

You will also want to ask about the training the guards receive from the security company, and you will want to search for one that offers their employees regular training. Companies who train their staff regularly will use the latest techniques in their roles and can help make them more efficient.

These are a few questions you can ask and ask ones more specific about your business. Do not rush into deciding which company to use; take your time, ask lots of questions, and research their online reputations before making your choice.

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