Some Of The Top Australian Start-Ups To Watch Out For


Despite the global pandemic, which is still raging, Australia has seen some excellent results for the start-up companies founded by some of the leading entrepreneurs in the country. With so many people predicting doom and gloom when the pandemic took grip, it is a refreshing change to see some of these businesses doing so well. Below you will find some of the best start-up companies to look out for in Australia that if you get the chance to invest in, you may wish to consider investing your money.


Canva is one of the biggest success stories of Australian entrepreneurs, and the company has seen its market share increase since the pandemic struck. In 2019 the company had a valuation of $3 billion, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, it managed to double its worth to over £6 billion in 2020. Making the most of adversity and using it as a springboard for success is the Aussie spirit personified, and Canva is a company that is worth keeping your eye on for the future.

Galactic Bioware

Galactic Bioware was founded by Phillip Kingston and is a company that was created to provide clothing suitable for extreme environments. The company is currently in the pre-seed phase of raising funds, so it is not as successful as Canva, but they are destined for big things. The company creates different kinds of protective clothes for various inhospitable environments, keeping one eye on climate change and its effects on our planet. Galactic Bioware is one to watch for the future, and if you can, you may wish to get your investment in early.

99 Designs

When you need something designed for your business, you need to expertise and experience of a qualified designer. 99 Designs was set up to give any business access to affordable designs of the highest quality, no matter what you need. Whether you need a flyer designing, a company logo, a product label, or something else, you can find highly skilled yet affordable designers on the 99 Designs platform. The company was founded in 2008 and since then has become one of the go-to platforms when you need the skills of a quality designer.


Lendi was launched in 2013 and was a breath of fresh air to the finance sector, making it much easier for people to refinance their properties and get mortgages. Users can enter their details on the website and use the cutting-edge technology to browse lending options from over 35 companies, ensuring you have access to the best deal possible. Since opening, Lendi has helped Australians receive $9 billion in funding for their homes and properties. If you are looking to refinance your home or get a mortgage for the first time, see what Lendi has to offer, and the home of your dreams could be a reality.

These are a few of the most successful start-ups of Australia in the last few years, but there are more besides. No matter what goes on in the world, the Australian spirit lives on, which shows by the success of Australian businesses worldwide.

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