The Most Common Bike Insurance Claims And How To Avoid Them


Rejection of a bike insurance claim can be upsetting since a lot of money could be at stake. In the event of third-party two-wheeler insurance claims, observing the terms of the insurance policy becomes the most important aspect in accelerating the payout process.

The most frequent errors to avoid while making third-party bike insurance claims for just compensation are listed below.

Errors to avoid when filing third-party cashless bike insurance.

  1. Refrain from fleeing the scene of the accident

Accidents can be terrifying, particularly if a third party is involved. It’s crucial to maintain composure and refrain from removing yourself or your bike from the accident scene. Check to see if medical attention is necessary, then make the necessary arrangements.

  1. Remember to file your First Information Report (FIR)

The FIR must be filed at the neighbourhood police station, which is one of the most important steps in a successful compensation. In the event of third-party losses like injury or passing away, it is much more crucial.

  1. Remember to gather information about the third-party

Collect all of the third party’s information to ensure a successful claim settlement. Make a note of the number plate number, insurance information and possibly the contact information for the third party. You must provide strong proof to back up your assertion if you don’t want it to be disproved.

  1. Failure to collect the evidence

It is advised that you document the damaged car with photos. The claim will not be rejected for lack of images, but doing so will hasten the settlement of the claim.

  1. Don’t wait to file your claim

Make sure to notify your insurance provider very away after the accident occurs. There may be instances where the policyholder is hurt or is in shock. A small delay in alerting us is permissible, but a significant delay may result in the rejection of your bike insurance claim.

  1. Using an invalid licence to operate an insured vehicle

Unavoidable collisions can seriously damage the bike and likely result in significant costs for the third party. In these situations, the car’s driver is questioned. Consequently, the driver should have had a current driver’s licence at the time of the collision. Furthermore, the driver shouldn’t be using any intoxicating substances.

  1. Refuse to sign any paperwork or accept a check marked “Final Payment.”

Never consent to any documents supplied by the insurance company of a third party before seeking legal counsel. Additionally, avoid accepting checks marked “Final Payment.” Getting legal counsel is preferable before accepting such money.

Claims for third-party bike insurance are laborious to process. However, there is a very slight chance that your claim will be denied if you adhere to all the necessary procedures.

It will be simpler to settle claims if third-party two-wheeler insurance claims are made on time. In addition, you must promptly inform your service provider. A fast settlement of the claim will be greatly improved by being truthful about the incident. Makes sure you do the bike policy renewal on time.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.


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