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Ways to Protect Your Workers When Removing Hazardous Building Materials

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Building materials contain hazardous materials such as Asbestos, Lead, and mold, which pose a huge risk to your workers. Exposure to such hazardous materials can cause cancer of the larynx and lung cancer, among other lethal diseases. For this reason, it’s important to keep your workers’ health safe. To do this, you’ll need to implement BossTek dust control solutions for effective dust and odor control. This means they are always productive, hence less downtime for you.

Here are ways you can keep your workers safe when removing hazardous materials:

Wear personal protective equipment (PPE)

You might think that only the health industry needs to use PPE. The term, however, generally refers to the safety equipment from any industry that deals with hazardous materials. When removing hazardous materials, PPE should always be used to support other measures that you might have in place. Some of the personal protective equipment to have include, hard hats, eye and face protection, and respiratory protection to help keep your lungs safe from any materials you take away.

Use industrial vacuums

Industrial vacuums collect substances such as mold, lead, and asbestos. These vacuums allow workers to safely and effectively dispose of hazardous materials. Working with a trustworthy provider means you’ll have some of the most efficient industrial vacuums in the industry that are easy to use. Some vacuums have special attachments that are pretty necessary for the hazardous waste cleaning process.

Prioritize training, qualifications, and experience

Different hazardous materials exist in building materials that can cause injuries to your workers. To promote a safe work environment, you can consider using solutions to mitigate the risk of getting your workers hurt. As such, hiring experienced workers with proper training and experience is important to keep every person safe at the work site. Ensure that your employees take the proper training courses, are well qualified, and know how to keep themselves and others safe. It is also crucial to ensure that the employees with the appropriate training carry out specialized tasks such as asbestos removal to do the job safely.

Keep the site clean

When you have a clean and tidy worksite, you protect your workers’ health and wellbeing. Put in measures to keep your working areas well organized. This means that you always remove the daily debris and have bins for the different materials you need to dispose of. Even with a clean site, it is important to ensure that your employees’ well-being is well taken care of. You will need running water, bathroom facilities, a changing area, and shelter from all the elements.

Monitor the dust, vibrations, and noise

When removing any hazardous building materials, it is crucial to keep the environmental hazards at a minimum and ensure that your neighborhood is safe. You also need to monitor the dust emissions, vibrations, and noise. You can install temporary barriers to keep all the hazardous materials contained. Always factor in the quietest way to remove the building materials.

Assessing the type of hazardous building materials your workers are transporting is important. You must ensure that they have the right protective equipment and whether they are equipped to transport the materials or not in terms of training.

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