Your Ultimate Guide to Candle Making in Singapore


Candle making is a great activity for anyone who loves to be creative and has the time in their schedule. So we recommend you find your nearest Candle Making Workshop Singapore today! There are many Candle Making workshops available all around Singapore at different venues with new workshops or courses being added every day.

These workshops teach how to make soy candles, scented candle as well as other types of projects such as jar candles. It’s an enjoyable hobby that almost anybody can try out without any experience because there is always something new taught at each venue.

If you’re interested in Candle Making then here are some fun facts about it:

  • Candle safety should be taken seriously especially if you are making candles for children, pets and pregnant women. Candle makers should not use fabric or paper in their projects as these items can easily catch fire.
  • Candle Making is a time-honoured craft with origins from ancient times. It was used to create light during the dark hours of night when there were no other sources of lighting available such as electricity! In more recent history it has been popularised by crafters who like to make soy candles for themselves at home.
  • Candle Making requires patience and attention to detail which makes them especially therapeutic crafts. You’ll be able to zone out while creating your own beautiful pieces that will bring warmth and radiance into many homes around the world!

It is a fun and easy process that gives you satisfaction of creating something with your own hands while also benefiting from the scents, colors or shapes which are more personal to you than commercially available candle products!

Candle Making Workshops are available all-around Singapore at different venues with new workshops or courses being added every day. You should definitely go and try it out.

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